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Jet grouting

High pressure technology – optimally applied.

The Stump-Franki jetting technique is a cutting edge technology in specialist civil engineering. Cement suspensions are injected into the soil using a high-energy jet effect at pressures of up to 800 bar.

Depending on the specific production parameters, the disaggregated soil can either be extracted or used as material for producing grout columns. The milling effect of the cutting jet helps to create predominantly column-shaped concrete structures. These can be used as underpinnings, deep foundations, sealing bases or sealing blocks, depending on the configuration.

This new technology offers a wide range of possible applications. This process is being constantly refined on the basis of general planning approval.

This jet grouting method has been awarded general planning approval and offers the following benefits in particular:

  • The drilling equipment and mixing and high-pressure pumping equipment are almost entirely automated and computer-operated.
  • All key production parameters are automatically recorded
  • The method offers economic and scheduling advantages over other, more traditional methods, while taking into account present-day environmental concerns with regard to the soil, groundwater and immission control.
  • The cement-based suspensions used for this purpose meet the strict requirements for keeping the groundwater and soil clean. In addition, newly developed recycling processes are used to process the return-flow suspension and feed the filtered cement component back into the work process.
  • This method is also notable for being especially quiet and vibration-free, making it perfect for use in residential areas.

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