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Anchors & micro piles

Safely anchored.

Our shareholder Stump-Franki is one of Germany’s leading anchor manufacturers and has been awarded general planning approval for single rod and strand anchors. The Duplex anchor was the first permanent anchor to be approved in Germany and still secures numerous buildings and landmarks today. One example is the tent-like roof of the Munich Olympic Stadium, which is a listed building and covers an area of 72,800m2.

In terms of flexibility, single rod and strand anchor systems are virtually unbeatable. They are capable of achieving anchor forces of up to 7,500kN. The ongoing advancements in post-injection technology mean that we are able to guarantee sufficient forces even in cohesive soils. Pressure-grouted anchors open up entirely new areas of application. All our anchor systems are manufactured within the Stump-Franki Group.

Micro piles are also known as small-diameter bored injection piles or composite piles. Special grouting techniques are used to enable them to transfer high operational loads into the subsoil despite their small bore diameter, thus allowing them to be used in confined spaces.

The Stump-Franki pipe pile system and composite pile system have both been approved by the German planning authorities and are optimally suited to transferring high loads into the ground without pre-tensioning.

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