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Expansion of the A7 autobahn at Hamburg-Stellingen

Facts and Figures
Company Stump-Franki Planung GmbH
Principal DEGES
Location Hamburg - Germany
Type Planning
Runtime 04.2016 - 02.2021

Expansion of the A7 autobahn: Approval and implementation planning for foundations

For the expansion of the A7 autobahn at Hamburg-Stellingen, Stump-Franki Planung (formerly isg) prepared the approval and implementation planning for the foundations of the noise barriers and traffic sign bridges – under contract with HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH.

Up to 165,000 vehicles per day are predicted for the Stellingen A7 section of the autobahn in 2025. That volume of traffic requires extensive active noise protection in the entire area of the planned construction measure. These include noise barriers, center walls, low-noise road surfaces and a noise protection tunnel.

Planning for noise barriers and traffic sign bridges

Because of their height of up to nine meters and the correspondingly heavy wind load, the noise barriers will be provided with a pile foundation. In order to direct traffic, 17 traffic sign bridges will also be constructed. Due to the large size of the signs, the sign bridges will also be subject to enormous horizontal loads, so they will have to be supported by piles driven into the subsoil.

A total of 20 noise barriers with a height between four and nine meters are planned. Most of the walls will be cantilevered.